Our Project

Discovering the World

Growing up I was really lucky to be raised by parents who made it a priority to expse me to world culture. My mom was a refugee from Cuba and had lived in Spain, France and Japan. My father had been stationed in Madrid during his stint in the airforce and had later spent a year as a Rotary Schollar in Scotland. They both really valued other traditions and were always taking me to ethnic restaurants and cooking international food at home too.

But in a big city like Dallas, Texas, where I grew up, it was easy to find exotic restaurants and festivals comemorating traditions from different cultures.

Now that I’m a parent myself I really want to share the cultures of the world with my children in a similar way. The catch is that I now live in a small city (Salamanca) in Spain and the opportunities for discovering the world as I did when I was little are harder to come by here.

So I’ve decided to go about it in a more intentional way, and I’ve created this family project, Omnivorous Curiosity. This way I can share our journey of discovery with the world and hopefully make a positive impact along the way.

As an avid foodie, a lot of what I share is food and recipes because I find it a really relatable way to comprehend diverse cultures. After all, everybody eats.

My husband is a professional musician, Nano Cobo, so he will be contributing music to our adventure.

I hope you will follow along with us and participate in our project to discover the world!

2 thoughts on “Our Project

  1. Would love to follow you. Born and raised in Dallas in 60’s. We were from such a different generation and travel like this was not common. At least not for middle class.
    Now as a 60 year old I have beginning my own travels and education of other cultures! What lucky children you have. Wishing you the best!

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